5-Axis Waterjet Cutting services5-axis waterjet cutting equipment in action

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Services

Maximum Industries provides water jet cutting services throughout the United States and beyond. Maximum Industries is the market leader pushing the envelope in waterjet applications. We have an arsenal of six CNC systems including: two 5-axis, large work envelope machines used for cutting, coatings removal, and precision hole drilling in aerospace and industrial gas turbine components. Advantages of using a waterjet cutting machine include the fact that you can cut a wide range of materials at a faster rate and with more precision than similar cutting options. When cutting reflective metals such as aluminum or copper, or soft materials like rubber or foam, waterjet cutting is probably the best method. 5 axis waterjet cutting machines can also cut incredibly thick materials with minimum material loss. This equipment can also handle complex cuts.

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What is waterjet cutting?

The waterjet work cell is designed to handle large production runs supporting customers requiring JIT uninterrupted service. The header system of ultra high pressure pumps provide more than enough capacity even with a scheduled or unscheduled maintenance occurrence. We take pride in our waterjet cutting services and giving our customers the highest quality and the most competitive price. Maximum Industries specializes in a variety of waterjet cutting services and offers quick set up for proto-type runs.

Maximum Industries has 5-axis waterjet cutting services that range from simple 2-D cutting projects requiring nesting for best material yield to complex 3-D cutting projects using unique fixturing to hold and protect valuable parts during the cutting process are everyday occurrences. We pride ourselves in providing the extra services which reduce our customers cost and insure quality parts in the end.

Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

  • Dual cutting heads on 2 of the 6 systems
  • Multiple machines aid in handling large production runs or reducing delivery schedules
  • Quick set up for proto-type runs
  • Larger work envelopes than most facilities
  • Only the latest technology being used
  • Experience with fixturing, jigging, etc. to handle non-traditional projects
  • Experience with very small parts along with very large parts requiring multiple programs

Maximum Industries is one of the only companies with a 125 HP/90,000 PSI 5-axis waterjet system providing these types of services in the United States.

Why use a 90,000 PSI waterjet cutting systems?

Cutting speeds are drastically improved allowing more customers to take advantage of the no-heat cutting process and coatings removal. Faster cutting speeds means more throughput. Two-thirds of operating costs are directly associated with the abrasive. Using a 90,000 PSI waterjet cutting systems mean less abrasive per linear inch of cutting, which is less cost on the front end and the back end. The jet quality is also better and provides tighter tolerances when compared to other waterjet cutting systems. Maximum Industries is happy to review your application to help save you money.

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Maximum Industries is also known for our state of the art laser cutting.

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