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CNC Milling, Turning, & Routing

We continue to expand our capacity and capabilities by installing the latest technology in CNC milling, turning, mill-turn, and routing equipment. Whether the need is for very small parts utilizing high speed spindles or large-heavy parts requiring 50 taper tools and a 70” x 165” x 35” work envelope, we have the equipment required to produce your parts.

Our air-conditioned facility provides the climate control to achieve tolerances required in many of the most demanding applications. Maximum Industries has a very talented quality assurance department that utilizes the most advanced tools and assists our production group in processing and documenting production parts that meet or exceed customer expectations on a daily basis. (CMM, Faro, Laser QC, Optical Comparator, etc.)

Highlights Include:

  • Multiple CNC machines with work envelopes from 60” x 144” x 24” up to 70” x 165” x 35”
  • Multiple mill-turn up to 28” in diameter x 89” long
  • Multiple verticals equipped with rotaries
  • Multiple horizontals equipped for high production
  • High speed spindles, 30/40/50 taper spindles, right angle milling/drilling
  • Vacuum tables, exhaust systems for composite dust

We have experience serving the following Industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Markets

Please give us a call to discuss your specification requirements, so that we can suggest the perfect metal routing or milling solution for you.


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routing servicesMaximum Industries - Milling of 1” thick aluminum Aircraft Tooling on 5’ x 12’ Flat Bed Mill

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