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Custom Aerospace & FOD Tool Kitting

Maximum Industries takes pride in its first-class service to provide our customers with the highest quality custom tool kitting services. We understand what is expected from our customers because we have spent time on the front lines with them.

Due to the growing concern of Foreign Object Damage or Foreign Object Debris (FOD), Maximum has been working to reduce this problem by closely interacting with tool manufacturers and leaders in the aerospace industry to create an ever-expanding and dynamic line of FOD prevention tool control products.

Our custom tool kits prevent the FOD problem by making sure that each tool is returned to its correct place after use. This helps to make sure that there is no tool left behind in a piece of machinery or missing/broken. This issue has become a growing concern, especially in the aerospace industry because it can cause severe mechanical damage and injury.

We can install custom cut foam into virtually any container and we only use the highest quality of foam available on the market. In addition, our foam is resistant to following fluids:

  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Skydrol
  • Oils
  • Other lubricants

Let Maximum Industries help you eliminate the FOD problem! Contact us today with any question regarding our FOD tool kitting services.

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